Welcome to Ursa Inu

Seize the crypto market with Ursa Inu, the next big currency that encompasses environmental awareness and carbon neutrality projects.


Revolution DeFi

Ursa Inu is not just a currency; It's a movement. Born from the visionary mind of Satoshi, Ursa Inu combines the power of DeFi with the brilliance of InFi.

Inovation InFi

Internal commitment to environmental causes by scientists, scholars, and environmental professionals.


Discover Ursa Inu

More than a currency, Ursa Inu emerges as an environmental movement where all of us bear responsibility for the preservation of our planet.

Inspired by Satoshi

Like Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, we bring to the world a project for change that generates results without needing recognition.

Community driven

With Ursa Inu, priority causes are decided by the community in a decentralized and constantly evolving ecosystem.


Token details

Name: Ursa Inu


Supply: 420 B










Token Utility

Hold Ursa Inu and unlock a world of possibilities! From governance to rewards staking, your Ursa Inu tokens are the key to the future of DeFi.

Burn Mechanism

We are committed to creating value for our community. A percentage of each transaction is burned, reducing the total supply and increasing Ursa Inu scarcity over time.

Road Map

Launch and community building

Website and social media launch

Pre-sale event

Listing and partnerships

Listing on the main exchanges

Strategic key partnerships

Crypto space

Carbon footprint compensation (burning)

Expansion of URSA INU ecosystem

Introduction of staking and governance

NFT Integration

Cross-chain compatibility

Carbon footprint compensation (burning)

Start of environmental conservation projects

Global adoption

Expansion into new markets

Carbon footprint compensation (burning)

Continuity of environmental conservation projects